Intergenerational Travel

These seven conversation starters will help to turn your holiday family gathering into the perfect travel planning session. Forget the gravy and join the Family Travel Association as we pass the #travelsauce .


“It’s Niagara on the Lake meets Wasaga Beach meets Muskoka.”


Committing to Sustainable Travel doesn't have to be hard or expensive. These six mindset strategies will help you to see that the “how” is easier than you think.


For me sustainable travel is the very simple idea that just by taking the trip you want to take, or need to take, you can – with your attitude or your wallet – make decisions that have positive effects on the places you’re visiting.


What’s more fun than a vacation with your kids? A vacation with your entire extended family! Sound crazy? Maybe. But family reunion vacations are a popular way to bond over something other than a turkey dinner. Here’s our top picks for where to go to get away from it all … just maybe not sibling rivalry.


An afternoon of learning and sharing with the US Travel Association for Project Time Off turns out to be a reminder that we all need to live more fully.

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I agreed to go to the Kennedy Space Center mostly because of my Space and Science-loving family. What I found was an impressive and educational outing with a heavy dose of fun mixed in.