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Our travel Ireland series continues with this guide to Limerick, Ireland, a town that served as the backdrop to Frank McCourt's famous novel Angela's Ashes, and that is today vibrant.

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Want more travel in your life without the burn in your wallet? Consider these tips...


Wondering how much formula you can bring on board or whether that bottle of sunscreen is too big to carry-on? This primer from the folks at CATSA provides everything you need to know.


I've been trying not to share this picture with you all day. I wanted to wait until I could tell you the whole story behind it, with the fact and figures it demands. But I can't wait anymore because the experience I had today was so incredible that I want to share it with you now...

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North of Milan and South of Switzerland, the quaint town of Chiavenna offers plenty for families including a palace that will leave the kids intrigued and have you catching your breath over and over again.


When we were named National Geographic Travelers of the Year in 2012 it was like being handed an Oscar by George Clooney. With this news it feels like George came back and asked to be BFFs.


The most "impressive" thing about our year away together as a family of four traveling the world isn't that we hit six continents and 29 countries. It's that we came back as a family, fully intact and with only a few scars of our "togetherness" to show for it. You know what I mean.

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