When we were named National Geographic Travelers of the Year in 2012 it was like being handed an Oscar by George Clooney. With this news it feels like George came back and asked to be BFFs.


I have no qualms about taking the kids out of school to travel and when they are out of school I also have no qualms about keeping the education going. Want to use your next vacation as a way of keeping the learning top of mind? Here are three tips:

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There are some key things you can do to make your next family road trip your best ever.

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It can't be predicted. We'll be somewhere acting perfectly normal and then I'll just look over at them and my heart will fill with so much love for the kids, the family, the moment... and whammo, blammo, we're taking a "Welfie."


There's no excuse for March Break boredom thanks to this fulsome list from Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corp. Take your pick for a fun-filled week.


Put down that macaroni necklace and make your way to one of these fun-filled, family outings over March Break.


There are two ways to approach March Break:

1. Embrace the family time and plot out a week of together time

2. Run away
I present some options.

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