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Gorilla tracking Rwanda

This is going to take more than the moments I have now to share properly but while I'm here I feel the need to share something now.


While the amount of travel review options out there can be overwhelming, I know first hand from our RTW travel experience that it can make a huge difference in the outcome of your trip. But how do you decide which review to trust? Here are some of the guidelines I use to help narrow the options.


Eating Aloha in Maui

I went for the weather and it wasn't disappointing, but the food was to die for.


Return to PEI

I don't like going back to places I've loved.

Sometimes the very thing that captured your heart the first time can't be reproduced.

And then there's PEI.


There are only a few things on this planet that drive me nuts.

A dead iphone is one of them.


When what you're looking for is an island off the beaten path this grouping doesn't disappoint. My most recent visit was as part of a press tour but, as it's also my husband's homeland, we've taken the kids before. Who should go: Individuals looking for a place to reflect, Couples who prefer it quiet and private, families who can entertain themselves and enjoy the outdoors. What you won't find: Big all-inclusive resorts with kids clubs and chicken fingers, made for tourist experiences, all the comforts of home. What you will find: a choice of quaint bed and breakfasts, an authentic continue reading...


With or without them

I love my kids. Love with a capital L. Even when they’re being bad they are so good. And they’re funny and charming and smart. And when I’m with them it’s all I can do not to eat them up. But a funny thing happens to my brain when I’m with them all the time. Not funny haha either. It shrinks. Switches over to the left and forces me to be analytical and fearful and worried. Did I pack enough for their lunches? Did I send the forms for school? What will they eat for dinner? Is there enough time continue reading...