Globetrotting Kids: Should you take your kids to Costa Rica?


It’s me Cameron and I am doing this post because I want to tell you that you should take your  kids to Costa Rica.

20130804_112312I say this because it is fun and GAdventures is awesome.IMG_9695

DSC_0040There is  great food in Costa Rica. I ate ate lots of fruits. I tried lychee for the first time and they are really good.

And I did zip lining, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming and surfing!

DSC_0069and the MEGA tarzan swing. It’s really scary at first and then its not.

I also made new friends like Devin, Tate, George, Adah, Isidora and Ellen.

shells cr

We found these shells when we were paddle boarding. We weren’t allowed to bring them home.

cam and george

George is fun.

I saw lots of animals like sloths and monkeys. and so that is all but tell your kids  they should really go there one day    

IMG_9707 20130804_111426

Globetrotting Mama Ed. Note: Disclosure: Our tour with G Adventures was subsidized in part by the company without promise of inclusion on this blog. As always all of our opinions are our own. 

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jb August 25, 2013, 10:43 AM

Hi Cameroan (and family),
It is really refreshig to see that you enjoyed Costa Rica and as a teacher it is refreshing to see how much you learned on your year-long journey. I hope you and your family continue to go on family journeys together. I have traveled to 56 countries, mostly on my own, so I can understand first-hand how the joy, excitement, community connections and friends you make along the way will impact your life. Continue to travel.



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