Share our Globetrotting Story

This trip has always been about more than our little family of four having a great experience. It’s our  goal that through our travels we will be able to share what we are learning with as many people as possible. We want to help the family that is thinking about doing something similar and the family who has never thought about it at all. We want to help school kids who have only heard about these places through text books and adults who long ago gave up on a dream of any kind.

To do that we’ll be blogging about our  experiences here at Globetrotting Mama as well as in national and international publications in print, online, on the radio and on TV. We’d be happy to share our story with your audience as well.

Interest in the Globetrotting Family is gaining as we approach our July launch date. To set up an interview with the family or discuss how they might provide content for your audience during the trip, contact us at thedavisfamily(at) or reach out to Heather on twitter (@greenwooddavis) or through the Facebook page at

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

~Heather, Ish, Ethan and CameronGlobetrotting Family

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