Our travel spirit is as alive as ever, and we aren’t alone. The travel industry remains strong. This week we’re looking at some deals to help you stretch your travel budget and check a few things off your bucket list.

Need an excuse for a romantic getaway? May is Date Your Mate Month! This edition of our Travel Deals post features romantic getaways for the ultimate date: long days away.

Summer Camp for Adults

Kids shouldn’t have all the fun at sleep-away camp. There are learning and getaway opportunities for adults who want to re-live their days roasting marshmallows, learning a new skill and making new and lasting friendships. We've rounded up some great picks.

We’ve been experiencing a long winter. A season that seems to last forever sure has a way of encouraging you to dream about getting away from it all. If you are looking for new places to go this spring, and like the idea of saving along the way, this round-up of travel deals and destinations will inspire.

The biggest non-secret: I love travel. I always have. Second biggest: I love writing. Always have. And yet, the thought that I could combine the two into a career only occurred to me about 14 years ago. I love sharing with all of you my thoughts and experiences. Here are some of the latest making their way around the web, social newsprint and more.

Visit the locations where your favourite film and television stars once walked! We've rounded up some travel destinations featured on tv and in the movies.

How to Travel on a Budget: Part 2

Here we are again with even more advice for how to travel on a budget. Don't compromise your travel plans but get smart with these money-saving tips.