Canada for Canadians: Top Travel Deals

With the current exchange rate, cross-border travel for Canadians is looking pretty expensive. Take this opportunity to explore closer to home and visit these top destinations (with travel deals to save you even more).

I was on The Social recently encouraging viewers to visit wonderful destinations that have received a bad rap in the past. These are my picks for so-called "dangerous destinations" that aren't dangerous after all.

What's better than traveling with your kids? Traveling with your parents too! Here are our tips for making this work, and why multi-generational travel is so exciting.

What’s more fun than a vacation with your kids? A vacation with your entire extended family! Sound crazy? Maybe. But family reunion vacations are a popular way to bond over something other than a turkey dinner. Here’s our top picks for where to go to get away from it all … just maybe not sibling rivalry.

Do you want to retrace the steps of Storm Troopers and Jedi knights? We put our own Jedi research skills to the test and put together this list of destinations to make your dreams come true. Take a peek, book your tickets and grab your camera. Who knows, maybe you and your favourite Star Wars fan can make your own cinematic masterpiece.

When you've travelled the world like I have, people always want to know the destinations you recommend. There are so many! But inspired by my 2015 travels, here's my list of where I think you ought to travel to in 2016.

This week our travel deals feature takes a look at travel deals on winter travel to Quebec City, a favourite Globetrotting Mama destination.