How to pack light for kids: Week away

Believe it or not, learning to pack light for kids doesn't have to be any harder than packing for yourself. There's just a few key things to keep in mind. We're sharing tips and asking for yours.

Let's face it: The holidays aren't always what they're cracked up to be. We want them to be about peace and love but often those feelings are buried under emotions like the stress you feel about still having to finish  gift lists and the agony that comes over you when you stop to think about whether  your mother-in-law will hate your turkey dinner...again. There are, however, still small things you can do to keep the spirit of the season going. Throughout the year the Aeroplan Beyond Miles program works to find ways that you can give using just the points continue reading...

Have you heard the myth of "18 summers?"

It's the amount of time you'll hear some parents talk about in relation to raising their kids; as in "We've only got 18 summers with them before they're off on their own" I don't buy it.

I've already had to shake my fist in a mall parking lot, slipped on a pool of water left from a child's boot in the hallway and caught myself singing the carols. It's time people. It's time to book a getaway.

Where we would go was a no-brainer: The Olde Bridge Place, Bed & Breakfast Inn.We knew we wanted to stay there even though not one of us had ever visited the property. We wanted to stay there because of Dee...

I've been trying not to share this picture with you all day. I wanted to wait until I could tell you the whole story behind it, with the fact and figures it demands. But I can't wait anymore because the experience I had today was so incredible that I want to share it with you now...

Globetrotting Kids: WE Day 2014 Rocks!

Have you been to We Day? Well I went last month and I'm going to show you what it was like. Hint: It rocked.