Aeroplan Rewards: iFly Toronto

Heather and Cameron share (in words and video!) the family's day of high flying adventure inside the iFly Toronto experience.

Aha Moment in India – #Blogust

We are the same. All of us. Our desires. Our fears. We love our children. We worry for them. We want them safe at all times. And sometimes that desire to protect becomes so overwhelming that we forget that on the other side of the world there is a mother trying to do exactly the same with a completely opposite package of information or access.

MISSING: My favourite hat FOUND: My grumpy side

One way or another though, this has to be handled . The rat's nest isn't the same without her.

One World. One Tribe. Why I still believe in Travel.

The news is grim. Fear of travel is high. There are bad people out there.
You should still go.

At some museums you get to look at dinosaurs. At the Royal Tyrrell Museum you can dig for them. Cameron Davis, 9, shares his experience on a "Dig" in Drumheller, Alberta.

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Keep the Learning Going: Summer Travel

I have no qualms about taking the kids out of school to travel and when they are out of school I also have no qualms about keeping the education going. Want to use your next vacation as a way of keeping the learning top of mind? Here are three tips: