This Summer – Travel For the Moments

I'm poised to take on what I know will be one of the most interesting summers of my life with visits to three very different parts of the world. I hope you'll join me.

How to Plan Your Next Family Vacation

The most "impressive" thing about our year away together as a family of four traveling the world isn't that we hit six continents and 29 countries. It's that we came back as a family, fully intact and with only a few scars of our "togetherness" to show for it. You know what I mean.

Families that take long trips with kids

There are families larger and smaller than mine. There are families going shorter distances and longer ones. Traveling families are out there and whether you're looking to be one or simply want to watch them go, here are a few to watch.

How BLACKS helped me make my mother cry

If you've ever met me (live and in person) there is an 8/10 chance you've witnessed my tears. I cry. A lot.But what you may not know is that I also like to make my mother cry.

To understand what it means to me to travel with my oldest and my mother to the Grand Velas Riviera Maya resort and spa for five days of "just us" time, you have to understand my mother.

Give me a choice of ways to spend time with the family on a Friday night and I'll pick movie night every time. Luckily the kids have got the bug too and you'll find us quite happy - at home or abroad - popcorn in hand and eyes firmly fixed to the screen.

And when a movie is able to take me back to a place I love? Even better.

There are some key things you can do to make your next family road trip your best ever.