Signs around the world Part 2

This installment of Signs from Around the World brings you even more eyebrow-raising reading material. Hope you enjoy the smiles.

We live in a tattle tale society and at Old Trafford, home of the Manchester United soccer team,  they expect details when you tattle. Note to tattler: You’ll want to leave the game immediately after asking the rowdy, belligerent beer drinker what their seat number is…




2.  That’ll teach you for storing your ice under there….



3. Please, don’t pet the baboons…




…We’re asking you not to pet the baboons ….




This one’s for that guy, you know the one, who always claims he had nooooo idea he wasn’t supposed to do something…


This sign was  inside a toilet stall. There was no shower in said toilet stall.



Every pool has it’s rules. This whole sign had us laughing but my favourite is #4.  Seems simple enough.  Also, don’t sweat in the pool. And #7 should just be a life rule.




6. Steve Jobs isn’t welcome here. IMG_5103


7. Just between the arrows, right?



8. The Aussies win again! If you aren’t ordering the last one you’re fooling yourself.



8. ummmm….this is the beach. DSC_0458

9. Still regret not buying this luggage tag…


Happy Weekend everyone!

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