The thing that no one ever tells you about an African Safari is that it can be as uneventful as it can be exciting.

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What a ride.

For the last two months, I’ve asked you to follow me on a journey into a country that many of us have never visited.


Right To Play: The Basic Needs

For many of us here in Canada, we may never truly know the cost that war can have when it happens on your own soil or in your own home. Our stories are the ones that live on the backs of veterans, come home in the eyes of soldiers or are told through the sacrifices of their families.
In Rwanda, the children have lived it.


We here in North America can only wonder: What is it like to be a child in a place where who you are and what you can be is threatened to be completely limited by what your forefathers were or weren’t, what they did or didn’t do. How do you make things different? Help us "Level The Field" with Right To Play


Leaving Africa

Africa was inspiring and heartwarming and devastating all at once and if you haven't been you need to go.