We went to see Inside Out and we LOVED IT! Warning: We've tried to not give too much away but there might be spoilers in our review.

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Have you been to We Day? Well I went last month and I'm going to show you what it was like. Hint: It rocked.


Cameron Turns 10

Life was at its most hectic when he showed up, bursting on the scene like he owned the place and proving with every step that in fact he did.

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At some museums you get to look at dinosaurs. At the Royal Tyrrell Museum you can dig for them. Cameron Davis, 9, shares his experience on a "Dig" in Drumheller, Alberta.

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Let me tell you what it has been like to be home this year...and watch my video!


My top 12 moments are...

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Top 10 Cameron Moments

Ten of my favourite things about my favourite (new) 8-year old.

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