Want to use your Aeroplan Miles for good? Here's how you can help the people of Nepal.


For families in developing countries the vaccine debate is very different. It is not about whether to get a shot or not; it's about whether they'll ever even have a chance to make that choice.


Let's face it: The holidays aren't always what they're cracked up to be. We want them to be about peace and love but often those feelings are buried under emotions like the stress you feel about still having to finish  gift lists and the agony that comes over you when you stop to think about whether  your mother-in-law will hate your turkey dinner...again. There are, however, still small things you can do to keep the spirit of the season going. Throughout the year the Aeroplan Beyond Miles program works to find ways that you can give using just the points continue reading...


Globetrotting Kids: We Day!

On Friday my mom and I went to We Day. It was amazing!


Packing up my oldest child, tissues and waterproof mascara for our first attendance at We Day in Toronto.


There's no denying it. He's back.

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I should’ve wrote this post weeks ago. There are a million reasons why I didn’t. I’m a busy girl: Kids are underfoot, deadlines are looming and of course the holidays are right there around that corner . I know it’s probably the same scenario at your house. But this is worth the interruption. In India there are dozens of families waiting for homes that we can help them build and all we have to do is take 10 minutes out of our crazy, lucky, blessed lives to do it. For the third year in a row travel bloggers are uniting continue reading...

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