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Time to set sail?! Take advantage of amazing travel deals on cruises during wave season - ending in March. Not sure which is right for you? Here are 4 things to keep in mind.


Find your YOLO travel spirit

Every single time we hit the road this year we came home smiling. There were bumps, there always are, but the net effect of heading out with the family and friends was always the same...Joy. Choosing a philosophy of YOLO travel has yet to fail us.


What's better than traveling with your kids? Traveling with your parents too! Here are our tips for making this work, and why multi-generational travel is so exciting.


What’s more fun than a vacation with your kids? A vacation with your entire extended family! Sound crazy? Maybe. But family reunion vacations are a popular way to bond over something other than a turkey dinner. Here’s our top picks for where to go to get away from it all … just maybe not sibling rivalry.

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Escape winter, relax and stay warm! Travel deals and destinations featured this week include Costa Rica, California, Orlando, Maine and more.


I’m not Brave

There is a common misconception floating around that big life changes require incredible acts of bravery. It's not true.


Mom to 6 Julie Cole guest posts with tips for traveling well with a big family. This is part of our new series on family travel called "My Family Travels Too."