It can't be predicted. We'll be somewhere acting perfectly normal and then I'll just look over at them and my heart will fill with so much love for the kids, the family, the moment... and whammo, blammo, we're taking a "Welfie."

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Loads to Love in Limerick

People told us that Limerick wasn't worth a visit on our trip to Ireland. They were so wrong. Here are just a few of the reasons we'd go back in a heartbeat.


Weather's changing. Ready to bolt for Kissimmee sunshine? There's a contest for that.


What Costa Rica taught me

It has been an amazing trip.

And it has been a reminder.


Let me tell you what it has been like to be home this year...and watch my video!


The tricky thing about family travel is that there seems to be some expectation that you won't only take the kids with you on that fabulous adventure but bring them back as well! A bit presumptuous if you ask me. Somehow it's not enough that you forked out the airfare and gave them a great trip? Now, you're expected to bring them home too?!?  ;) Here are a few way to make sure you don't lose the little ones while you travel: 1. Start the rules about staying close long before you're walking through that crowded Thai market: My boys continue reading...


If you've been trying to make your family travel experiences less like a three-ringed circus and more like those ads they show on TV, I've got news for you!