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Into the woods is an amazing musical that is meant for the whole family with some funny parts that keep you interested.

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I have no qualms about taking the kids out of school to travel and when they are out of school I also have no qualms about keeping the education going. Want to use your next vacation as a way of keeping the learning top of mind? Here are three tips:

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Dinosaur Provincial Park is probably the best place in the world to go to if you want to find real dinosaur bones. I went with my family this summer and learned a lot.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a baptist minister which means that he was a pastor. He was also African-American. He was born on January 15th 1929 and assassinated on April 4th 1968.


Globetrotting kid Cameron Davis answers the question on many parents minds.

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Today it has been 370 days since I came home from my trip around the world.


If you've been trying to make your family travel experiences less like a three-ringed circus and more like those ads they show on TV, I've got news for you!