long term family travel

If you've been thinking about around the world or long term travel with your kids, you've likely considered whether your kids are the right age or if it will be too difficult to re-integrate them when they're home. We've been there and back. Here's what we did and what worked well.


If we'd brought nothing but these five things we'd still have had an amazing trip.


No Whitney in Varanasi

Whitney Houston died. In Varanasi life goes on.


Tents. Bugs. Hostels with grungy teen neighbours who aren't willing to spend money on soap. File that under "things I'm not interested in." I'm not a "roughing it" kind of girl. Never have been. That doesn't mean I need to stay in posh accomodations (why you got any?) but it does mean that it would take some real persuasion to get me out into the wild, communing with nature on a 24 hr basis. I'm not a camper (a la tent) but I would do an RV and I love a good s'more. I've got mixed feelings about zoos, love continue reading...