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Our latest round-up of travel deals has something for everyone - from resort living in Illinois to deals at Great Wolf Lodge. Where will you travel to this spring? Be inspired by these travel deals.


My country offers awe-inducing travel opportunities. Here is your ultimate guide to vacation spots in Canada.


March Break is almost here and we just love revisiting this article from The Toronto Star about March Break planning - Dad style. Here's what some of Toronto's hippest dads told Heather last year about how they plan to spend March Break. Wonder what they are up to this year?


Winter Travel Tips

Stuck in a rut with cold weather and snow in the forecast? Here are our top tips for winter travel that will have you seeing sand (for less) in no time!


Put down that macaroni necklace and make your way to one of these fun-filled, family outings over March Break.

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There are two ways to approach March Break:

1. Embrace the family time and plot out a week of together time

2. Run away
I present some options.

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I asked teachers, under the promise of anonymity, and they shared how they really feel about kids missing school for family vacations. This morning I shared some of their thoughts with Marci Ien on Canada AM.