If you're planning to be in Toronto this weekend and you love travel like I do, then you're in luck! Toronto's Ultimate Travel Show runs this weekend: January 26 and 27 at the Direct Energy Centre. The show, an annual event, is a mix of exhibitors from worldwide destinations, speakers who've got tips on how to plan (and have) the best vacation ever and entertainment too. Whether you're planning your next vacation (and I mean, really, who isn't?) or you want to take a shot at auditioning to be the host of Travel+Escape's new "My Top 10" travel show, you continue reading...


Meet Plan Go Toronto

Last night, Ish and I had the pleasure to be a part of a panel at the annual Meet, Plan, Go event in Toronto.


Deals are coming in fast and furious now that March Break is only (EEK!) a few weeks away. Planning on sticking around the city for the week? There are plenty of ways to keep the kids busy in Toronto.

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