travel with kids

We never know what will resonate with our kids, do we? Or what moment will forever transform them? #globetrotWed


Wondering how much formula you can bring on board or whether that bottle of sunscreen is too big to carry-on? This primer from the folks at CATSA provides everything you need to know.


How do you blow a North American kid's mind? Adults on their knees offering prayers and gifts in deference to kids only slightly older than himself.


You know those kids who sit down at a table and immediately begin to list all the things wrong with their meal? I had that kid.


When I planned our trip to Universal Studios with the kids there was one area of the park that reigned supreme in my mind – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


The most "impressive" thing about our year away together as a family of four traveling the world isn't that we hit six continents and 29 countries. It's that we came back as a family, fully intact and with only a few scars of our "togetherness" to show for it. You know what I mean.

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There are families larger and smaller than mine. There are families going shorter distances and longer ones. Traveling families are out there and whether you're looking to be one or simply want to watch them go, here are a few to watch.