Travel Deals and Destinations for Fall Travel, October 2015

Fall Travel picks for October 2 on Globetrotting Mama

Happy October! Here’s a round-up of the latest travel deals.

1 For travel within America, Alaska Air has a great deal on right now – $79 on some one-way flights. It’s worth checking out!

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2 When the sand and sea calls to you, well Belize might be exactly what you need. Here are some last minute Belize vacation deals.

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3 Cruising the high seas – and saving money! Here are some cruise deals to insure your fall travel.

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4 The Shangri-la chain of luxurious hotels wants you to celebrate China National Day along with them. Package prices available at their locations, including in Toronto and Vancouver.

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5 Bali is a great destinations for getting away in the fall. Here’s a deal for the Intercontinental Hotel in Bali.

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6 Experience Budapest! We’ve found a travel deal for you.

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Where will you travel to?

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