10 Stories to Inspire Travel – Black History Month

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon and Heather Greenwood Davis co-editors Trip Advisor Black History Month 2022Black History Month 2021

Happy Black History Month.
Last year Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon and I joined forces for the first time. (That’s us above. )Together, we conceptualized and edited a Trip Advisor  Black History Month editorial package.
Back then we made the argument that it was time to rethink how we approached telling Black stories online. We focused on #BlackJoy and reached out to a slew of incredibly talented contributors who shared powerful stories with readers.

Black History 365

Then, over the course of the year, we went on to deliver other editorial packages. We talked about Summer Love and Fall Transformations and – soon to be released – Inspiration.
One year and five packages later, I am so proud of all the writers we’ve worked with and stories we’ve been able to tell together.
Our most recent writing team includes Patrice Grell Yursik, Rondel Holder, Caleigh Alleyne, Ashante Infantry, Kwin Mosby, DeMarco Williams, Metanoya Z. Webb, Lola Akinmade Akerstrom and me! (My article focused on what we miss when we assume a place is homogeneous and the importance of going beyond “what you think you know” in Switzerland. )

Photo of Heather Greenwood Davis smiling in Switzerland

Writers for previous packages were equally talented! And all of the stories have worked to move the needle on what is out there and available when it comes to diversifying storytelling and storytellers.

Black History Month 2022

I’m so proud of everyone involved including TripAdvisor Editor Clara Sedlak and the entire TripAdvisor team for their commitment to the project and the beautiful packages.
Families will find plenty in these packages too!
Introduce your kids to the history of Cowboys in the United States, stock up on products that will make hair prep easier on everyone while you’re on the road or help them see that places like Switzerland and Sweden and places they can expect to see diversity and that we’re all better for it.

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Ready to dig into Black History Month 2022 ? Click the link and dive in. I hope it leaves you as excited for travel and inspired about our collective history as I am.
Also, if you’re interested, I recently joined Breakfast Television to talk about Canadian Black History Resources. Go check out my post about it!