The Tenth Anniversary of Leaving on our Family Trip Around the World

I’ve been thinking about this day for a long time.

That’s surprising to me because I’m not someone who celebrates birthdays or anniversaries with much sentiment. That’s not true today. Today I’m awestruck.
On this date, 10 years ago, my family and I set out on a yearlong around the world trip that would risk everything, test everything and pay off in ways we never imagined.

We were so nervous and already tired on the day we packed up and left our home. What followed were a few days saying goodbye before boarding our first flight. I can still remember the nerves.

We had tickets purchased that would get us across Canada with stops in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. and then over to Argentina. We also had a one-way ticket from Colombia into China. And that’s it. Our only other secret weapon was Kevin Rowland – then, a travel advisor extraordinaire – who stuck with us on phone and email to help make sure we always got where we were going with what we needed to get there.

There is not one moment of that year that I regret. The memories have been incredible.

By the time our trip was over we’d hit 29 countries on six continents and if you think it takes a village to raise a kid, let me tell you it takes a planet to make a trip like that work out as well as it did.
There are so many people in who ways, big and small, impacted our trip. I wanted to do a post that tried to thank them all but there’s no way.

It took a year to have these experiences and forge these friendships. It may take just as long to relive them. In the days and weeks ahead, I’ll try. Watch my social media for my trips down memory lane and the photos to match.

But even if I don’t mention you by name, please know that if you met us, shared a meal or a laugh, cheered us on online or in person, we remember and we are so grateful to you for it.
That year cemented my belief in the goodness of humankind in a way that has yet to be shaken. In city after city, we saw it firsthand in people of every skin colour, economic class and religion.
We made friends over the course of that year that remain dear to us and we’ve made friends in the years since that are a direct result of the people we became that year.
Ten years ago we took a chance and threw a pebble into the water of the world and the ripples continue to reverberate.
We – Ish, Ethan, Cameron and I – are forever grateful that you let our globetrotting family into your homes and on to your screens …then and now…and hope you know that when we sip in celebration tonight, our glasses are raised to you as well.
Happy Anniversary,