It’s a good year to be a Canadian. We aren’t a perfect country by any means, but I am proud to call Canada home. 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday and the celebrations are nation-wide. There has never been a better year to get out and explore it all.

All year long, we are going to look at different ways to celebrate this wonderful country through blog posts that encourage exploration coast-to-coast. Come on up (or over) and see what we have to offer!

We knew we wanted to share the country with readers but we also knew that there was no way we could narrow down our favourite Canadian destinations. But could we share with you some of the hidden gems coast to fabulous coast and invite you to experience a Canadian way of life? Absolutely! Let’s kick this series off with a tongue-in-cheek look at what it means to “travel like a Canadian.”

Here we go! And stay tuned for more ways we look at Celebrating Canadiana all year long.

How to travel like a Canadian

Travel with an Open Mind, and an Open Heart

Canada is a wonderfully diverse country. Our neighbours are from many parts of the world and coast-to-coast our regions have unique cultural traditions. There isn’t one distinct Canadian cuisine: we are influenced by so many and what Newfoundlanders bring to their family table might be different from what’s being served in Saskatoon. Some of the diversity is because of where we come from and some is  because we love to travel.

Tip: When you travel, resolve to try new tastes, experiences and ways of life.

Let People Know Where You Are From

A Canadian who doesn’t tell you where they’re from when you meet them on the road is… no Canadian I’ve ever met! We are pretty proud to announce that we are Canadian to anyone who inquires about our home. We always receive such a warm reception from those around the world who see our country as welcoming and inclusive. Owning where you are from, and introducing others to the many reasons we think we live in the best place on earth (though humbly of course) is one of the great ways to travel like a Canadian.

Tip: Share your hometown pride

Go Where the Wind Takes You

While it’s true that some trips have required that we organize every moment of our  itinerary,  some of our favourite were the complete opposite. It’s actually more relaxing – even for us Type-A personalities – to explore the world with a sense of freedom and a relaxed “Take it as it comes” attitude. I don’t know if this is distinctly Canadian but we often bumpt into other  Canadians along our paths that are willing to see where the open road takes them. Maybe it’s our adaptability: come rain, shine or snow we’ll still roll with the punches!

Tip: Ditch the minute-by-minute itinerary and see what the day brings.

And finally, always enjoy where you are, and love where you are from. The best part of travelling the world is coming back to the community that embraces your every difference, and celebrates how much we each bring to our nation.

Are you one of our Canadian readers? How do you “travel like a Canadian?” Or are you from another part of the world but love to meet Canadian travellers! Share your experiences below.