After a year of traveling around the world non-stop, coming home was an adventure all its own. So you can understand why it took us a few months to get going again.
But once we started, slowing down proved tough.
From Kenya to Quebec to Ireland and Costa Rica (with plenty of other stops in between) our globetrotting family turned 2013 into a year of epic travel.
We’re grateful for the people, places and adventures that we encountered last year and can’t wait to see who and what 2014 has in store for us.
In the slideshow below we’re sharing just a few of the highlights. We hope it inspires you to get up and get out there. We picked this tune by Hedley for a reason. Their words speak to the way we believe life should be lived: Fully.

It’s like the song says: You can do Anything!

Here’s to a new year that is filled with adventures and incredible travels for you and yours.