2016 Travel Trends for Canadian Travellers by Globetrotting Mama

Every year we love to look at what’s hot (and what’s not) in travel. Though we believe you should always blaze your own trail, an eye to the trends provides for fascinating discovery (Did you know that voluntourism was such a big thing?), and inspiration for your next trip. This list of 5 travel trends for Canadians comes from our own unscientific research (with a little speculation thrown in). We’ve heard of these trends in the stories we’ve been reading, the conversations we’ve had with fellow travellers, and in the plans we ourselves have been inspired to make. Will you be on trend with travel this year?

Multigenerational Travel

In a recent press release, Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts spotted this trend amongst their bookings, with many travellers looking for bigger suites and villas to accommodate extended family. More and more young families are looking for ways to experience travel with parents and grandparents. We’ve done it, and I highly recommend it. Here are tips for multigenerational travel.

Luxury Travel

In spite of the falling Canadian dollar, people are still looking for one-of-a-kind vacation experiences. Extra amenities like personal butlers and personal assistants are being added to hotel and cruise line services. Hotel designers are increasingly planning for comfort and convenience, as well as style, and the most luxurious hotels are enduringly popular. Perhaps people are saving up for larger vacations, willing to pay more to get the type of experience they want.

Staying Closer to Home

Most Canadians are opting to stay closer to home this year, unless the Canadian dollar improves. The latest survey by the Canadian Tourism Research Institute indicates that overnight trips to the USA are expected to fall below 8 million, a low last seen in the 2011-2012 winter travel season. Some will travel to Mexico and the Caribbean, or overseas, but more and more Canadians are looking for experiences closer to home. Here are a few picked by Flight Network.

Solo Travel

More and more people are opting to hit the road, alone. It is a trend among millennials, who may see solo travel as an opportunity to discover their life course. But CTV also reported solo travel as a trend among women in general, and particularly women in mid-life. I’ve taken several trips on my own and am happily planning another. Watch for an upcoming article on solo travel.


People are looking to experience the culture of a destination, and by giving back they are connecting with a new community in a new way. Many tour companies are popping up to give people the opportunity to travel to a destination, vacation, but also engage in a community-building project. Fathom, a new cruise line from Carnival Corp, promises voluntourism trips to the Dominican Republic (April) and Cuba (May).

Will you be a trendy traveller this year and set out on a solo adventure, teach english to locals, stay closer to home or bask in the luxuries at a gorgeous hotel, with your mom/dad/niece at your side? What adventure is in store for you?