One of my favourite things about traveling? Hotel rooms. If I could wiggle my nose  like Samantha in Bewitched and wake up in a hotel room without the hassle of people who don’t know how to share an armrest  and security personnel who view my fruit cup as a security threat, I’d be a happier girl. Happier still if we could skip the airport and drop me directly in the hotel. Fill it with free wi-fi and local calling, add a cool turn-down trinket and call me in the morning.

Early in my career I was a hotel toiletry hoarder. At the end of any hotel visit you could assume  that I would be heading home with enough shampoos, conditioners, creams and soaps to keep a small country of really dirty people busy for a long time. After my drawers began to overflow with the stuff, and a gratifying donation to a women’s shelters put me back at square one,  I started to be more picky. Only certain brands made it across the threshold. Aveda? Conditioner yes. Shampoo no. L’Occitane? Almost always yes. And then I bumped into June Jacobs’ products and was blown away. I would just about clap my hands and giggle if I found myself in a hotel bathroom with her tiny yellow bottles on the counter.

At a conference in Whistler last year I mentioned my obsession to a rep for Delta Hotels who had happened to bring a few bottles of JJ products as take aways after meetings. A few weeks later I came home to a Fed Ex package filled with the miraculous little bottles. She is now officially one of my favourite people.

But I’m in no way monogamous when it comes to hotel toiletries. Quite the opposite actually. So if you’ve been to a great hotel with fantastic bathroom products, let me know. I’ll share if you do.

Until then, if you need me, June and I will  be in the shower.