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What comes to your mind when you think of must-visit travel destinations? Los Angeles? Bali? Tokyo? The next time you start itching to book airplane tickets to your next destination, consider heading to the Canadian North airline website and grabbing direct tickets from Toronto to Iqaluit, Nunavut. Here’s why you should travel to Iqaluit this summer!

What can I do in Iqaluit?

In Iqaluit, you can do everything…or nothing at all. What I love about the city is that it’s equal parts community connection and quiet nature. Either way, there is plenty to do in Iqaluit. If you’re someone who can’t seem to get enough of nature and wilderness, there are countless breathtaking sights to explore including the easily accessible Sylvia Grinnell Park. And if, like me, you prefer a bit of people watching, you can also visit community hubs like Black Heart Café and enjoy some mouth-watering vanilla lattes while you chat with the local artists who often pass through. Best of all, you can plot your own adventure. The Travel Nunavut website offers plenty of information and suggestions that can help you get in touch with outfitters or plan a self-guided mission.

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Why should I travel to Iqaluit?

Everyone has their own reason for making their way to this bucket list destination. I can tell you mine. The first and only time I visited the city was in 2019. At that time, I wanted to experience the far north in its winter glory – even if I was really afraid of how cold I’d be. It turned out to be a fantastic experience that delivered on all fronts. The beautiful landscapes and history, the Inuit people and the expats who’d chosen this to be their new home, and some eye-opening experiences around art, food and wildlife made it a trip to remember.

In a few weeks, I’ll head back to the far north and this time I’ve been invited to bring my son Ethan with me. He’s never been this far north, and I’m so excited to show him Iqaluit.

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Here is a list of the reasons why you should add visiting Iqaluit to your travel bucket list this summer:

1. Starting June 3, Travel To Iqaluit Will Become More Accessible

Although direct travel from Toronto to Iqaluit wasn’t previously possible, Canadian North recently announced its launch of non-stop service between Iqaluit, Nunavut and Toronto Pearson International Airport. This means that starting June 3, it will be more affordable than ever to take a direct flight from Toronto to Iqaluit and vice versa! (Flight legs start at $432 per person, and you can also use your Aeroplan miles to get you there.) In order to make summer travels to Nunavut easier and more affordable, Canadian North will be offering Iqaluit-Toronto flights twice-weekly (on Fridays and Sundays) from June 3 until September 30, on the Boeing 737 aircraft. Plus, each flight will offer a complimentary in-flight meal and beverages. Want to stay longer than a weekend but shorter than a week? Just pair your direct flight with a connecting flight through Ottawa on your return.

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2. Iqaluit Is Nunavut’s Cultural Hub

Iqaluit is Nunavut’s largest and fastest-growing community, and its transportation and political hub. The city is rich with traditional Inuit culture, since it is the home of many well-known Inuit artists, musicians and cinematographers. You’ll find yourself drawn to the many spring and summer festivals that draw talent from across the Nunavut territory. The list of cultural experiences you can have there is extensive, such as the festivals hosted by Alianait Entertainment Group every year in late June—during the days of 24-hour sunlight.

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3. You Can Take Stunning Photographs

Taking pictures of the sights I come across while travelling is always one of my favourite things to do, and Iqaluit has no shortage of beautiful landscapes to boast of. The city is rife with opportunities to snap some candid shots of nature’s beauty, In Iqaluit, you’ll come across awe-inspiring parklands and landscapes of mountains, rivers and waterfalls––so make sure to bring your camera along.

4. If You’re A Fun-Lover, There’s An Activity in Iqaluit For You

The number of activities you can enjoy in Iqaluit are endless. There’s always a chance of viewing the Aurora northern lights or enjoying a cruise of the Northwest passage. You’ll never run out of things to do. In summer, you can also take advantage of the opportunities to go kayaking or canoeing or boating in the morning, and hiking in the afternoon, activities that make Iqaluit the perfect spot for a week-long excursion or a short and sweet weekend trip.

While the summer weather means you won’t be navigating the coolest of temperatures, you can still expect fall-like weather – the perfect escape from Toronto’s city summer heat. Iqaluit is one of Canada’s best travel destinations—without a doubt. I can’t wait to share some of our highlights with you over the weeks ahead.

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How to book your flight to Iqaluit:

Getting there is so easy that travelling to Iqaluit is sure to become the next amazing destination on your travel bucket list. Direct flights to Iqaluit will only be available until September 30, so don’t miss out and book your flight to Iqaluit now.