As a globetrotting family, we get asked a lot of travel questions. The most common question we get asked: Where should we go?

It’s always a tough one to answer. There are so many places in the world that have captured our hearts over the years and it would be impossible to create a definitive list (plus, we’d be adding to it constantly!) Everywhere that we have been was worth the trip. Even the spots where we struggled while we were there.

Travel isn’t always cheap and time is limited, so I understand the compulsion to try to find the perfect destination in order to create an unforgettable experiences for your own family. And, I’ve learned through my own travels, how important and helpful a friendly recommendation can be. So in the spirit of “best-of” lists, which are so popular right now, here are four destinations that we don’t think will disappoint you if added to your wish list.

4 Travel Hotspots for 2017 Globetrotting Mama

Budapest, Hungary

We just returned from a vacation in this charming country. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and one of the most culturally vibrant cities we’ve experienced in Europe. You’ll love roaming the streets and standing in awe of brilliant architecture (it’s been called the Paris of the East) and many tourists will find Budapest to be one of the more affordable European cities to visit. It also has a vibrant youthful feel, and if you love nightlife (and want to stay up late to take it all in) well then this is a good choice for you too. We stayed at the Aria hotel, a musically themed property that is perfectly situated in the heart of the city, near the Danube, has an incredible staff and an unforgettable spa.

Cape Town, South Africa

This is on a few hit lists for 2017, including Lonely Planet, which suggests Cape Town in their “Best Of” series. It is easy to see why people are flocking to Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa. As a travel experience, it offers a mix of relaxation and adventure; a world-renowned wine region, the excitement of a big city with historic architecture and the majesty of South African wildlife just a drive (albeit a long one) away . South Africa is a country that deserves your tourist dollars. I’ve been to Cape Town with and without the kids. It’s the kind of city that has plenty to offer no matter who you’re travelling with.

Lima, Peru

Peru may not always jump to the top of your radar when you are thinking of places to vacation (I know, the hot Caribbean island beaches can steal that spotlight), but Peru has a lot to offer. Give it a chance! It can be that warm locale you are looking for (located in a desert climate the breezes off the Pacific Ocean actually make it more temperate), and it offers plenty of opportunities to explore the culture and history of South America. Lima is a large urban centre, which provides for plenty of things to see and do including museums and art galleries. The city has a defined historic centre, where you will find stunning architecture that speaks to its history, which dates back to 1535. (The Historic Centre has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.)

Ottawa, Canada

I love Ottawa all the time but in 2017 it’s going to be one of those cities you can’t get enough of. Canada’s capital is gearing up to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday in a huge way. From daredevils on skates to sky-high puppet-like machines, there won’t be a bad time to be in Ottawa next year. Follow the countdown and check out all of the big plans here:

Hope this has inspired you to make travel plans for 2017! Or maybe you have a city and country on your travel bucket list you’re wondering about? Share your suggestion with us below!