As much as I’d like to encourage everyone to get up and get out there, a recent flight reminded me that there are those people who as soon as you meet them you realize should never leave their home country again.

Nix that, their home.

It’s because they make travel so much more difficult for the rest of us.

So if you fall into this list, I’m talking to you.

Stop. And if you can’t, then at least stop travelling.

1. The entitled recliner: Congratulations!  You’ve discovered your seat can recline! And despite your four foot frame have also decided that there simply isn’t enough “leg room” there for you in an upright position. Instead, you’ve decided to maximize your space by taking this ride with your head in my lap. Seriously? Here’s a clue: If you can see up my nose when you are looking straight ahead, you’re too far back. And if you must recline, which in some circumstances is absolutely warranted, then can you go slow or offer a bit of warning? Ramming my tray table into my lap or my computer into your headrest is only going to make me accidentally on purpose make your life miserable from behind.

Crowded Airplane Seating

Crowded Airplane Seating (Photo credit: Frank Gruber)

2. The loud talker:  We are in a confined space together, granted, but that doesn’t mean I want to know your deepest secrets or what you did that you can never tell your husband. If I’m not a part of the conversation I shouldn’t be able to hear it. Keep your voice down and your racist opinions or dirty stories to yourself. The train/plane/bus  isn’t the place for it. Shut up.

3.  The dramatic eye roller/ heavy sigher/ head shaker – Yes, they are out of tomato juice on the flight. The stewardess has explained why. Your dramatic eye roll to me when her back is turned isn’t winning you any points. Sighing won’t help either. Grow up.
4. People who get too involved in your life too quickly: I said “hello.” That wasn’t an invitation into my life. I have actually met people on the plane who I’d love to hang out with but if I’ve spent most of the flight trying to use the old “my headphones are in so I can’t hear you” routine, chances are  this relationship is going to end when we land. You trying to find out exactly where I’ll be in town tonight and when we might grab a drink is over the line. Way over. Back away from your contact book buddy. Not going to happen.

Shhh, Lost Is On

Shhh (Photo credit: Cayusa)

5. Baby haters: The baby is crying. It’s loud. It’s annoying. I get it. But you know what, judging from the way his mother is juggling him and walking the aisles and suffering through it, I’m guessing she’s not enjoying it either. Loud talking about how much you hate flying with kids on the plane isn’t helping the situation and only makes you look like a boob. Stop it. Buy a pair of earplugs and suck it up. You’re the grown up, remember?

And voila. Isn’t the trip that much better without them?

Too harsh? What’s your travel pet peeve?