The last time I visited the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, we were at the start of a great adventure.

Welcome to Saskatoon

I went back, solo, this year for the annual Travel Media Association of Canada conference (TMAC) and found a hotel that managed to keep the best of what it had while adding a few new things to make it even better.

Rear view of Hotel Bessborough with horizontal...

Rear view of Hotel Bessborough with horizontal error and perspective corrected (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saskatoon often gets a bad rap.

It’s a prarie province and so the assumption goes….boring

But the truth is that Saskatoon has plenty to offer to visitors coming through whether as a family or on your own.

And when you’re choosing where to stay, I’ve got five reasons why you should consider the Bessborough.

1. Decor

The revamped colour scheme in the rooms is such a contrast with the greens and yellows outside.  Pale blues and crisp whites are immediately inviting. And the fluffy pillows and ample seating room meant that even with two pals hanging out we were all comfortable.


bessborough pillow


bessborough room


2. The View

Get a river view room and you’re looking out over the back gardens of the hotel and the incredible riverscape beyond it. The green hills in the background will leave you wondering where people got the notion that the province is entirely flat.

3. Philosophy Products


I’ve heard of the Philosophy brand before but I still got a kick out of  getting life lessons from my toiletries. It’s a funky twist that was unexpected in such a grand dame of a hotel.


Philosophy products

Advice from my body lotion and it’s good advice too!




4. Social Media savvy

What is not to love about a hotel that gets Social Media. I’d no sooner tweet a comment or instagram a photo and wham-o, bam-o there was a retweet or reply. I love a company that gets social media.

tweet with deltabess


5. History

I only made history number five on this list because it is usually the first thing people think of when they think of the hotel. The history here is incredible. Want a sample? The first guest at the hotel also happened to work at the predecessor to the CBC.  Horace Stovin paid much less than you will to stay here (though you can still find rates under $200 a night) and now has a plaque in his honour in his namesake bar!  I paid the corporate rate. Assuming the Greenwood Davis wing will be announced any day now.

Have you stayed at the Delta Bessborough Hotel? Like it? Other Saskatoon hotels you favour? Share the wealth! Let me know in the comments.