We have a dream too.

We have a dream too.


50 years ago today, tens of thousands of people made their way to the Washington Monument to hear from a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. I know parts of the “I have a dream speech” that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave that day but until we visited Washington earlier this year,  the sheer bravery and commitment of the man to the cause may not have fully washed over me.


The monument to Dr. King

We came through Washington on our RTW trip a year earlier and then, last year when were in town for the National Geographic Traveler of the Year presentation, we visited the Lincoln Memorial and stood in the spot where he stood to deliver the speech.

We shared our dreams with each other as a family that day. Our four feet  touching the spot together, in a city where we were being honoured for choosing to spend more time together living our best lives. It’s a moment I won’t ever forget.


We’ve told the kids about Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement over the years. This week we’ll do it again with the hope that in 50 years when they celebrate the moment with their kids no one will be concerned  about whether they’re wearing a hoodie or driving an expensive car  or running in the street.

boys KING

My dream includes these two.

We all owe it to our families to remember The Dream and to live our lives in a way that honours it.

Here’s to remembering and being better at living The Dream.

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