The time I went to Math Camp on

Photo by Tucker Sherman


By now you might be tired of the debate: Is it ok to take your kids out of school for travel? You know where I stand on the matter (and if you don’t, it is a big fat yes!). This is because I believe that travel is very educational: you can learn a whole lot more about history from visiting “where it happened” than reading about it in a book. Not to mention the fact that travel has a way of sparking discussions about culture, social studies and geography.

Learning doesn’t have to stop at the end of the school year. Take opportunities everywhere you go this summer to learn something new:

  • At the beach, talk about marine biology including how sea animals live, what they eat and what makes up their ideal habitat;
  • Hit museums and historical landmarks. Talk about the time these exhibits are commemorating, what happened and how it shapes our current world.
  • Get out the map and teach your kids about how geography works. How we read a map and know where to go (even without GPS!)

And if you really want to up your learning this summer, consider a learning vacation! Here’s a link to the time I went on one myself. I went to math camp. It’s true, I did this!