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Before June 2011 our days consisted of making school lunches and working and going to school and wondering what to make for dinner and driving from karate practice to swimming practice to soccer practice before collapsing in bed.

And in the moments in between we wondered if there was more to life.

We dreamed of seeing the world with our kids. We imagined having more time to do nothing (and everything) together. We hoped that one day we’d make it happen. And then one day we decided to do it

Heather Greenwood Davis

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Heather is an award-winning travel writer so a trip around the world meant she could freelance and see some of the more far-flung destinations that are hard to get to when you need to be home in time for supper with the kids. Her work as a freelance travel writer means that her trips are often subsidized in part by destinations, tourism boards or publications. Except in instances where the family was hosted as part of research for story coverage, all costs of her travel on the year around the world were paid out of personal pockets.



Ish works as an inspector in municipal public health. He loves his job. It offered him the chance to take a reduction in his salary over four years in order to save for a pre-paid sabbatical. He signed up and earned a year away to travel the world as a full-time, hands-on dad.


Ethan, 9, is our oldest. A picky eater and book devourer whose laugh you’re most likely to hear a mile away. He’s missing Grade 4 to be on this trip.


Cameron, 7 is a charmer. He’ll win you over with that toothy grin and bear hug. He’s got a thing for cheese: grilled, Margherita pizza, babybels and he won’t stop asking til he gets it. He’s missing Grade 2 this year.

We aren’t rich.

We can’t afford to do this.

We couldn’t afford not to.

Neither can you.

12 months.  6 continents. 29 countries. 4 lives forever changed.

Want to know more about what the Mama is doing when she’s not writing about travel and family?

Visit her at www.greenwooddavis.com for her business and lifestyle writing or at www.inkeditorial.com for her corporate work.

2012 National Geographic Traveler – Travelers of the Year
2010 Kenneth R. Wilson Awards – Gold Winner – Best in Canadian Business Writing
2009 Travel Media Association of Canada: Best Family Feature
2008 North American Travel Journalists Association Awards: 1st place Bylined Column (Print); Destination Travel International (Newspaper) Merit Award
2007 Travel Media Association of Canada: Calgary Award


Ambassador – Expedia.ca
Chosen as a Right To Play Canada Parent Ambassador
Finalist for Luxury Travel Mavens: Inspired to Travel Awards
Nominee for 2012 Canadian Weblog Award
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