How’re you holding up?

The kids are home and demanding your attention. Covid19 Shelter in Place or Social/Physical Distancing rules mean playdates (and even playgrounds) are out. What’s a parent to do?

Our kids are older now but when they were little, keeping them engaged could be  a challenge. I’ve worked from home full-time since 2007 and there were many days when there was a kid underfoot, looking up at me with expectations of entertainment. Trust me, I know what you’re going through.

“What are we going to do now, mom?”

Just as I’ve done with my list that is great for parents and grandparents, I wanted to share a few links to ideas and options, for parents at home with little ones. I’ll add to it when I can and will happily accept any links you want to send my way.

One note of advice: Go easy on yourself. Think of this like a buffet, not a mandatory to-do list, and you and the kids will come through this time with as little emotional burnout as possible. Also, when your kid shows up like this at your door … … it may be time to ease up on the art shows and move over to quiet movie watching.

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Educational Options

The Ontario government put this list out which includes TVO programming:

These educational activities are free: 

An American colleague sent me this list with lots of fun options (educational and otherwise): 

 Khan Academy – My boys used this a lot during our year traveling around the world.  It was created for exactly the kind of situation we find ourselves in now: Tutoring when you can’t be there in person.  Khan Academy now has daily schedules according to grade that might be helpful. Most academics are saying that trying to replicate school is unnecessary stress on both parent and child. Instead, consider pulling some ideas from this (including the Just Dance party online!) for some variety in your day. 

Trekaroo Resources: /?fbclid=IwAR2aGKYzEyMoHicVBEKTgDrWs3ihlZqfL4K3bhH3l2UEc-qN6MiOkHol2Pk

Passion projects

Draw with Mo: If you’ve got a little budding artist, give these daily lessons a try. 

Marine Biologist in the making:  

Want to take the kids on a virtual field trip: