I’m a big fan of Movember.
No. Really.
I love the idea of solidarity and support that comes from seeing men across the city put down their razors in support of prostate cancer.
I just hate to see my guy with the fuzz.
And so this year, I quietly supported from home while intentionally-accidentally not reminding Ish that it was that time of year.
And then someone – I’m looking at you Gregg Tilston – sent him a note and reminded him. And now, after barely a few months of Mo-free living ( it made several appearances during our around the world trip) the fuzz appeared this morning.

movember Ish - the beginning

That fine dusting of hair on my husband’s upper lip? The beginning of the “Mo.”

There’s no denying it. He’s back.
And so while he trims his upper lip hair into submission I decided to look for the silver lining:
No matter how hard he tries, the final result will never equal the awesome of the Mustaches we bumped into in India.
Admire them. Enjoy them. It’ll take your mind off the looming horror in your own home. You’re welcome. ;)

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