My dad is the expert on travel in our house. If there’s one thing he’s made clear, it’s that travelling with kids makes things much more difficult. As the kid in that equation, I would tell you the same thing.

Flights were never my cup of tea as a kid. I didn’t like being taken away from the comforts of my home. Especially if that meant I was going to be put in an unfamiliar place.

That’s why the new additions to family travel services at Air Canada seem like a great idea.


The airline now offers a host of services that are aimed at making family travel easier. These four struck me as the ones that would make me feel the most comfortable with flying.


Sitting With My Family: 

Air Canada offers the ability to book seats together as a family.  One of the worst things to happen on a flight is when you can’t sit with your family, especially when you’re little. Case in point: me, pictured below, probably not smiling because I wasn’t sitting with my mom. Plus, parents will love that there is no extra charge, and kids will love that it could mean more spending money for toys when you land!


Air Canada family travel

Me and my dad on our way to Florida!

Kid-Friendly Food: 

It’s no secret that airplane food is not the most enjoyable. Growing up, I was a very picky eater which meant that I was not only uncomfortable during flights, but I was also hungry.  There was only so much I could take before my inner tantrum-thrower made an appearance. Air Canada offers the ability to request special meals for your kids when booking your flight (or at least 18 hours prior to departure) to satisfy the needs of any picky eater. Say goodbye to bags full of sugary snacks to pacify a hungry child!

Me, strutting my way through the airport.

Easy Boarding:

Air Canada also offers family check-in at selected airports. This will help get you and your kids to your gate as soon as possible. Plus,  they have early boarding for kids six and under.  That means that while everyone else is getting on the plane, you and your kids will already be settled in and ready to take off!


My dad, my sister and I on a flight!

The trips my family and I have gone on have greatly shaped my perspective on the world and on life.  I’m sure my parents would’ve appreciated these convenient features when having to deal with my sister and I on flights.