How did I not know about Terminal 5 at JFK? I mean I knew that Jet Blue was being hubbed at the new terminal and I briefly passed through the terminal on route to the Atlantis resort with Ethan earlier this year but since I hate connecting flights and avoid long layovers if possible, my recent trip from Buffalo to Las Vegas was the first trip where I really had some time to look around.

So I did.

And I LOVE it.

Seriously, if it were single and I were single….well you know what I mean.

It is everything an airport should be.

I’m not overstating this. Take a look:

JetBlue Terminal 5

The Airport terminal main hall

Ladies' Room

Ladies' Room

Men's Room

Men's Room

And then this!  Dozens of computer work station areas with seating, plugs, free wifi and computer screens that allow you to order a drink or snack to be delivered to you!!Computer Workstation

Computer Work Stations

And when I leave the terminal I board a Jet Blue flight where I’m offered a drink and a snack (Terra Blue Chips! Yum!) and the airline staff are nice and friendly along the way? What? Have I entered the twilight zone?

So worth the drive to Buffalo.