Wondering if your family travel habits are similar to those of American travellers? A recent survey by online travel seller Ebates digs into how and why Americans travel.

American Travellers | Survey

Ebates is a company that gives cash back on certain purchases and offers coupons, discounts, promotions, special deals, and free shipping. Their recent survey of 1,000 Americans,conducted online by Propeller Insights , provides some insight into how people will be spending their summer vacations.

One key finding: 92% of Americans will be travelling within the United States and 40% prefer road trips to any other method of travel.

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Among international destinations, Italy was the number one pick for the American travellers surveyed. The popular destination was followed closely by Canada and France. How did they come to this decision? Well, they most likely asked family (58%) or friends (51%) for their vacation destination recommendations. And not surprisingly, Millennials are most likely out of all of the demographics to turn to social media, Pinterest and Travel Bloggers for destination inspiration.

Also, regardless of age, gender or destination, survey participants noted two main purposes for travelling: Relaxation and fun. Also interesting, “solo backpacking trips” are out and “cruises and amusement parks” are at the top of the list of things they love to do.

ebates, cheap travel, American Travellers

American Travellers | Costs

Other interesting finds: Most Americans will spend about a week on vacation. Also, most Americans (70%) spend less than $3000 on travel. And only 21% of American travellers use sites that specialize in travel deals, such as Ebates. The remaining 79% either book through the brand itself or a consolidator site. For the Americans who won’t be travelling the summer, an overwhelming 53% say it is due to cost. ebates, cheap travel, survey, American Travellers

Are you an American Traveller? Does this ring true? If you’re from somewhere else, would you say your concerns are similar? What are your summer travel plans?

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