Apps for the Future of Travel

Do you ever wonder what the future will be like? As you travel, will more and more services be automated? Will there be an app for your every encounter along the journey? Will we rely on our phones more or will there be some new fancier gadget that catches our attention? We’re wondering what that future looks like, and taking a look at three of the newest and most innovative apps that might just shape the future of travel.


We’ve all tried the automated faucets and paper town dispensers in washrooms. The app, Good2Go, takes automation to the next level and digitally supports the bathroom experience every step of the way, Now available in San Francisco, and soon expanding to New York, the Good2Go bathroom is a hands-free restroom: unlock the door using your phone, use hands-free features inside (faucet, hand-dryer). Give the door a wave to exit without touching the handle. The app also allows you to wait in line, without getting up from your seat. Enter the bathroom que and the app will tell you when it is your turn.

Traveling to San Francisco? Give the app a try at a Good2Go washroom. Tell us about your future-oriented experience! may appear to be one more website and app where you can book your hotel stay. What makes unique is the degree of personalization it delivers to the consumer, which brings us to our next trend of the future in travel apps: personalized information delivered to you when you need it, how you need it. Currently, provides information in over 40 languages, and formats information on their website for different languages and currencies to ease the consumer experience. Push notifications will play an important role in travel apps of the future – these notices that appear on your phone can help you navigate your location, or receive updates on your bookings.


Make sure you get the best deal on airfare by using an app like Dealray, which sends you notifications when sales are happening. This sounds simple enough, but can save you thousands. Dealray lets you know as soon as a deal is available, and you can book directly through the app. Apps that deliver information on deals and offers will be part of the future – it helps make travel more affordable and delivers that degree of personalization we predict will be increasingly important.

What do you think will characterize the future of travel? And what travel problem would you like to see an app solve?