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The best vacations happen when we’re surprised and delighted. But sometimes what we really need is a bit of the safety, security and comfort of home. No one knows this more than people whose dietary needs or stress levels would welcome a little assistance. Well, sometimes there is an app for that. Here are two of our favourite travel apps that promise to help you find your path and your peace.

Travel Apps We Love: Happy Cow

Vegetarians and vegans know that eating out brings challenges, even in your hometown. But visiting a new city, even halfway around the world, means you sometimes aren’t sure where you can get a meat-free dish. Enter this app: it helps vegan and vegetarians identify restaurants around the world that can accommodate their eating preferences. This app includes restaurants in 180 countries and you can save trips offline for when you don’t have internet connection. It’s a vegetarian and vegan world traveller’s best friend.

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Travel Apps We Love: Calm

Travel can be stressful; it can take you out of routine, mess with your sleep-wake cycles and leave you feeling pretty drained. Calm is a meditation and sleep tool that can help you find peace, no matter where you are in the world. Use it to guide your breathing, to guide your meditation, or to tell you a bedtime story that will send you into sleep slumber. It can be a traveller’s best tool for keeping calm, no matter what happens on the road.

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We love featuring apps that help world travellers. Do you have a favourite we could feature in a future blog post?