Google Trips - Apps We LoveEdited to add: Unfortunately the app has been cancelled. Have you found a new one you love? Let me know!

Anyone who has planned a family trip knows that booking the plane ticket is just the beginning.  There are hotels to figure out, tours to weigh against each other, transportation to negotiate and that’s all before you figure out how you’re going to feed the picky eater and make sure the baby gets a nap. It isn’t easy but it can be easier.

The right trip planning tools make these decisions a whole lot easier. One we are testing out is Google Trips. Here are the key features of this must-have app:

  • Stores your travel data all in one place: A handy place to store details of your reservations so you can access these anytime. Don’t have wi-fi? Contents of the app are also available offline;
  • Plan a day of touring: This app automatically plans out a day or half day of exploring, with suggestions on what to see and do. Sort of like having a local guide in your pocket;
  • Find out what’s nearby: Figure out where to go next when you consult the app, with suggestions on what is near to your location (like when the hunger grumbles hit and you need a place to eat!).

The app doesn’t make everything easier (there will still be travel delays and compromises over sushi vs pizza) but it does give you several tools right in your pocket for navigating a new place virtually.

Find out more about Google Trips here.