It’s Day 22!


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The time outside the car is easy but could the boys handle 30 days together in the car? We weren’t sure.

When we set out on this 30-day road trip, the goals were both personal and professional.  The travel writer in me wanted to delve into a road trip with enough time and distance to develop good information to share. The family travel lover in me yearned for the kind of time together with Ish and the boys that we only seem to get when we are away from home.  The kind of time we had on our year away traveling the world dependent only on each other for support.

What I underestimated was what the kids would be up for.  I knew they were great travelers and fun companions but we weren’t more than a few hours from home when they developed their own way of passing the time.  The Backseat Chronicles were born.


road trip

They turned the backseat of the Chevy Equinox into their own personal YouTube studio.

It has been their own way of keeping a diary of the trip from their points of view. While their dad and I sit in the front seats, following their directions to hold the camera steady and keep our eyes on the road, they have steadfastly shared their thoughts on our travels.

While I’ve been sharing a few of their episodes on Facebook and on a page of this site , I promised them that once they had completed 10 episodes I’d post it here on the front page of the site.

They hit that milestone days ago but our hectic schedule and busy days meant it took longer than expected to get episode 10 onto YouTube. No longer.

I hope you enjoy their efforts and perspectives. And I hope that if you have kids who are curious about travel you’ll share this with them and encourage them to record their own road trip stories.

I’m ridiculously proud of these two GlobeBros (as they’ve called themselves). Enjoy Episode 10 below and click through to their page here to see more!