Fact: Any place named “Bath” has  to be a great place to relax.

A mix of old European architecture, small town charm, impressive museums and incredible restaurants, its one of those places that offers the possibility of both indulgent extravagance and minimalistic retreats.

Bath, England did not disappoint.

Bath England

My trip was sandwiched in between two very different adventures in Belfast and Bristol, and so for me, Bath was an opportunity to slow my pace and stroll.

Things to Do in Bath, England

Planning a trip to Bath that is relaxing and enlightening?  Here are a few of the must-sees you should include in your itinerary.

Eat Creative Cuisine

Acorn menu Bath
Vegetarian treats

I’m not a vegetarian but at the Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen, I considered making the switch. The simply appointed restaurant is just around the corner from the beautiful Bath Abbey and boasts vegetarian cuisine that is so full of flavour that you don’t miss the meat. www.acornrestaurant.co.uk

The windows and door of The Ivy are adorned with gorgeous flowers. 

Have your cameras ready before you even enter The Ivy Bath Brasserie. The incredible floral display around the doors and windows is a hint that you’re about to have an unforgettable experience. Inside the colours continue. Bright jewel tones set the mood and the menu is as exciting to match.  Choose from a lingering brunch or afternoon tea to a full meal that sports both modern British cuisines and international flavours. All of it in a  setting that screams Insta-worthy. https://theivybathbrasserie.com 

Noya’s Kitchen – where the bubbly Noya is often on site and can help explain the history behind her Vietnamese dishes – was one of my favourite stops to nosh in Bath. If I lived here, I’d visit weekly. And I’d have good reason to do that – the lunch menu changes weekly but never strays from using seasonal, local produce. A meal here is a trip within itself. www.noyaskitchen.co.uk

Gelato? Always a good idea. 

Ready for dessert? Save time for a stop at Swoon Gelato where flavours are at the top of priority list. Choose from an array of changing options that can include  pear sorbet, cherry cheesecake, the ever-popular pistachio and my personal faourite, hazelnut! www.swoononaspoon.co.uk

Stay in a Funky Retreat

The living room at No.15 Great Puleney is eclectic and fabulous

The hotel for this trip was No. 15 Great Pulteney. It has to be the quirkiest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. More a luxurious house than a hotel, your experience begins with check-in at a simple desk in the “living room.” Almost immediately you’ll be struck by the uniqueness of the place.

Bath hotel
Upon closer reflection, you’ll realize that the chandelier in the living room is made of earrings.

Throughout the hotel there are collections of things, you had likely never considered collecting. Musical instruments, cameras, necklaces, eggbeaters… all fair game. Each collection is displayed in a way that adds to the artistic element of the whole. It’s fascinating and soon you’ll find yourself seeking them out. But the rooms at the hotel are anything but eclectic. Refined colour palates and luxurious linens make for cozy bedrooms that are hard to leave each morning.

But despite all of that comfort, my favourite thing has to be the pantry on the upper floor where whenever the mood strikes you can head up to find individually portioned ice creams and jars of sugary sweets to satisfy your midnight cravings. https://no15greatpulteney.co.uk

Literary Connections

Jane Austen Bath
Peeking in on Jane Austen is never a bad idea.

If you’re an English lit fan, a stop into the Jane Austen Centre will give you a crash course into the life of the woman famous for books like Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion.  The museum and tea house offers insights into Ms. Austen’s time in Bath and the characters that she often based on her own friends and family. Don’t miss the chance to try on some of the period pieces of the time.  www.janeausten.co.uk.

Looking for other museum options? Pop into No. 1 Royal Crescent to  walk through a Georgian townhome decorated as it might have been in the late 1700s. Or stroll a collection of historic and contemporary dresses at the Fashion Museum. For other Bath museum options visit: https://visitbath.co.uk/things-to-do/museums-and-galleries/

Soak Up the Spa

To come to Bath and not find time to soak in a bath would be a completely wasted adventure.

Bath England view
The views from the rooftop of the Thermae Bath Spa are as enjoyable as the soak.

At the Thermae Bath Spa you are bathing in the same waters once used by Celts and Romans more than 2000 years ago. The spa is a modern facitlity complete with spa treatments but it has managed to hold on to the feeling and views that have always made the area a draw for the stressed out seeking relaxation. https://www.thermaebathspa.com/

Thermae Bath Spa
Thermae Bath Spa

Only steps away you’ll find the Roman Baths – one of the”greatest religious spas of the ancient world.” Part historical walking tour and part relaxing soak, you’ll leave with a better appreciation of what the Roman Bath culture was all about.   https://www.romanbaths.co.uk/

Looking for more information to plan your trip to the city? VisitBath.com is a great place to start.

My trip to Bath was part of a subsidized trip to #STSBelfast. All opinions are my own.

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