Think fast: The travel bug hits and it is time to plan the best vacation ever, what do you do? In today’s world of advanced technology, you are only one, two or three apps away from your dream vacation! Here is a list of a few of the best apps for trip planning.


Google Earth

Google Earth gives you the opportunity to zoom in on a location and preview it at street level before you arrive. It puts handheld maps of yesteryear to shame, providing powerfully helpful information on where locations are relative to each other (without that need to fuss with re-folding paper!). Catch the view from your hotel lobby, before you get there and even evaluate a hotel’s neighborhood before you book it.

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Expedia App

Apps provide an ease of use: accessed from anywhere via your mobile device, connected to up-to-the-minute information and the Expedia App is no exception. You can book a flight, stay on top of your itinerary, track flights and get exclusive deals with Expedia.

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National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler is an informative travel magazine that provides the perfect fuel for wanderlust (and I believed that even before they made me a Contributing Editor!). Discover places you didn’t know you wanted to visit, learn about what to do when you’re there, experience some of the best photography and lose yourself in the world’s best storytelling. Don’t believe me? Access an issue on your iPhone or iPad (a free preview is available).

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City Guides App

Fodors has been a trusted resource for travelers for years and now you can access that trusted information from a new platform. City Guides give you the answers you are looking for, and a few you didn’t even know to you needed to find.

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For those looking to replace the paper “travel” folder with something a little more portable, try Tripit – an app that helps you organize your travel information. Tripit builds your itinerary from booking confirmation emails and gives you access to it, even when you are offline.

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With all of these tools, your toughest challenge will be deciding where to go and convincing yourself to return home when you’re done!