National Hamburger Day is May 28th! Where to find the best hamburgers in the world

The weather is finally looking up, the barbecues are free of snow and the sweet smell of summer is in the air…all of which makes now the perfect time to bite into a burger. And, as if that weren’t motivation enough, it turns out that this Saturday is Hamburger Day!

Move over Valentine’s Day. Step aside Labour Day.  The one true holiday we needed has arrived.

I love a good burger and have proudly indulged in restaurants around the world. And let me tell you… not every burger is created equal. Some you remember long after you’ve finished.

I’m ready to share some of my favourties and am hoping that you’ll, in turn, tell me some of yours. Sharing is caring, right? Whether you like yours dressed to the nines or made up only of veggies, I hope you’ll proudly raise your bun in salute this weekend. 

Best Places to Enjoy a Burger -

Ferg Burger: Queenstown, New Zealand

Ish still talks about the “Chief Wiggum” burger (it included pork belly!) that he had here in 2011. Lines rarely lie and there is a constant one around this location. One bite in and I forgot how long we’d waited. I’d happily go back.

The Burger Lounge: San Diego, California

Best Burgers Around the World

True Story: I once made a friend trek out in search of the burger lounge in the hopes of replicating the meal I’d had and dreamed about a year earlier. Yup, that good. Sadly, the burger lounge was closed on that return visit and I’ve had to live on just the memory of its 100% grass- fed beef burgers.  Get there.

EdeBees:  Orick, California

EdeBees Burger - This was delicious! Part of our look at the best burgers in the world!

This was a recent find. Just last week on a trip through Northern California we made an impromptu stop at this roadside shack in Orick. The spot is run by Edith Baker a former school cook who now delivers mouthwatering goodness from an 11-foot box. “Baby Bigfoot” burger – ⅓ pound patty with cheese, bacon, grilled onions and mushrooms – and savoured every bite.  

Your turn: Where did you eat the best burger of your life?