Remember a few years ago when this happened:


I do.
It was an incredible honour to be named, alongside Ish and the boys, as a National Geographic Traveler Magazine “Traveler of the Year” for 2012. When that happened, we’d only been back from our whirlwind adventure for a few months and I have described it as feeling like “winning an Oscar and having it handed to you by George Clooney and Denzel Washington.” It felt that good.

Globetrotting Mama meets National Geographic Live

Globetrotting Mama, National Geographic Traveler of the Year Presentation

Since then I’ve had the privilege of working with many facets of the National Geographic Traveler brand. I happily blog online for Intelligent Travel and have written pieces for them online as well.

But with the October issue of National Geographic Traveler, hitting subscriber boxes now, it’s like George and Denzel came back and asked if we could be BFFs.

October Nat Geo GD

I’m so happy to share that I’ve been asked to contribute to this amazing magazine. In each issue I’ll be answering family travel questions from readers looking to explore the world with their kids (or grandkids or nieces/nephews or the neighbour’s kids…) in tow.

Globetrotting Mama readers know how passionately I feel about family travel. This opportunity to  help other families get out there makes me giddy with excitement.

The fact that the crew at NGT is as amazing as the magazine they put out only makes it that much better.

Thanks to all of you for your continuing support and if you’ve got destination specific family travel questions you’d like answered in the magazine, shoot me a line at heather (at) globetrottingmama (dot) com and I’ll do my best to get them included.