Black Panther obsessed? Welcome to Wakanada

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The women of Kenya are only one example of women who inspire across the continent.

It’s been a few weeks since Black Panther took over as box office champs. And if you are one of the millions who fell in love with the country of Wakanda after watching box-office smash, you may be perplexed as to where to get your next Wakanda fix. How do you find those incredible fabrics? Where can you see those fierce warriors? Worry no more.

In a piece I wrote for The Globe and Mail, I outline some of the real life destinations that will give you exactly what you’re after.

Here’s a taste:

It’s true. The best country in the world – filled with powerful women warriors, innovative technology and gorgeous fashions – is a figment of a talented movie-development team. And while you may have been wooed by the Afrofuturistic concepts and gorgeous cinematic details, your chances of getting to Wakanda are about as likely as your chances of getting to Bedrock.

There is, however, an alternative. The filmmakers say their goal was always to pull real African places and concepts into the fabric of the film – so much so that set designers visited the continent while developing the movie.

And that means that while there may be no Wakanda, savvy travellers can find many of the movie’s themes on a trip to Africa.

Move over, Eurocentric ideas of Africa as a monolith; step aside, “safari and leave” travel itineraries; be gone, “country” of Africa pronouncements. The true treasures of Africa await.

Shopkeeper in South Africa Black Panther Wakanda

Shopkeeper in South Africa shows off the bright, bold colours customary in the clothing.

Read the full story and its insights into countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and more in The Globe and Mail here.

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