A shot of the water in Jamaica. Best places for holiday travel on GlobetrottingMama.com

It is never too early to think about making your holiday travel plans; airlines and resorts are already enticing us with pictures of bright sandy beaches, and travel deals that make travel easy and affordable.

We like to focus our money and attention on creating holiday memories, and not on exchanging gifts. While we don’t always travel over the holidays, we have celebrated in some exciting locations, including ringing in the New Year in Quebec.

Here are a few places we like to suggest if you want to make travel part of your holiday plans:

1 Kissimmee, Florida

Experience resort living in Kissimmee Florida. Rent a vacation home for easy living.

2 Jamaica

Anywhere in Jamaica is magical any time of the year. If you like a little bustle in your holiday, try Montego Bay. For a little bit more of a laid back experience, head to Port Antonio .

3 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Our trip to Myrtle Beach was one of our favourite road trips. The beaches are worth the drive.

4 Whistler, British Columbia

Whether you are a snow bunny, or you like the warmth of the lodge, there is a lot to entertain you in Whistler, BC. Amazing for skiing, it is also a cute village for shopping, dining and entertaining the kids.

5 And could you ever just see where the road takes you?

Here’s to spontaneous travel like they enjoy in the movies!

And then there’s always Grandma’s house! Even a road trip close to home can be exciting.