Jellybean lovers' paradise

Just back from a week long trip to California that saw us spend time in some great areas including Newport Beach, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco and others. I’ll be writing about some of them for my column in the Toronto Star but here’s a quick highlights/low-lights review:


*ice cream on Balboa island

*the Jelly Belly Factory tour and taste test

*Fisherman’s Wharf- great shopping and fresh seafood

*a Duffy Boat tour of the magnificent waterfront mansions



*realizing we’d dropped the rental car keys in the deeper-than-you-think harbour

*weather so cold swimming was out of question despite never being more than a few feet from a beach

Nothing says fun like jackets at the beach

*sharing a room with snoring children who only wake to say how badly they want to go swimming at the beach

Highlights win hands down.  Great Trip.