There are two ways that a second child can behave in the family. Either they come in meek, secretly begrudging the kid who got their first, or they carve their path, determined to be heard, on their own terms, in their own voice.

My Cameron is the latter.


When he arrived, I was already mom to a 2-year old. He took all of the parenting skills I  thought I’d learned from my first and turned them on their head.


He liked time outs.

He wasn’t going to be subdued by Baby Einstein videos.

And despite me saying not to since the day he could, he still climbs over the back of the couch.


Life was at its most hectic when he showed up, bursting on the scene like he owned the place and proving with every step that in fact he did. He made it clear on arrival: He was here and he would be heard.  Ten years later and nothing has changed.


There are times he  walks into my office and still makes those demands. Whether it’s to tell me a joke, share his day, cry on my shoulder or curl up for a hug. He has a wicked sense of humour. And a “why not?” spirit.


He’s the one I’d vote most likely to keep a frog in his pocket. He’s already asked me when he can drive, got to a bar and whether I need to meet his future wife. That’s my Cameron.


What I love about Cameron in a nutshell? It’s what I’ve always loved about Cameron – his him-ness.

Loving and kind and sweet and devoted.

Loud and raucous and stubborn and determined.

He’s my anti-me and my completely-me.

Ten years later and just a look at his pictures can turn me into a pile of mush. That smile. That laugh. This Kid.


He came into our family of three and made us realize exactly what it was missing. He is the best part of each of us and I’m so grateful – every single day – that he is here. He made us whole.


He’s ten today – but that of course is impossible because he will always look like this in my heart.


We love you Cammy. You got us hook, line and sinker. I can’t even imagine our crazy Globetrotting family without you.