What to eat in Japan


When it comes to playing with your food, I'm not sure anyone does it better than Japan. On our recent visit we had a chance to try a whole host of new-to-us treats. We shared a few of them with the folks at Smarter Travel. Here's a peek.

What to eat in Japan2018-11-26T13:32:18-05:00

Japan bound as a Family


It’s time! We leave for Japan this afternoon and I’m grinning. Here's why we're going back.

Japan bound as a Family2017-06-29T13:10:15-04:00

6 Easy Steps to Sustainable Travel


Committing to Sustainable Travel doesn't have to be hard or expensive. These six mindset strategies will help you to see that the “how” is easier than you think.

6 Easy Steps to Sustainable Travel2018-11-26T17:00:29-05:00

Passport Party Project: Countdown to Toronto


The Passport Party Project’s genius is that it doesn’t just have an effect on the tween and teen participants; it affects every one of us who comes into contact with them.

Passport Party Project: Countdown to Toronto2022-03-02T20:16:34-05:00

A Downton Abbey Inspired Tour of England


The show might be over but you can live in the footsteps of your favourite characters. Take a Downton Abbey inspired tour of England with our list of key sites.

A Downton Abbey Inspired Tour of England2018-11-26T16:54:25-05:00

Solo Women Travel Tips


Thinking of traveling solo? You’re not alone. It's a 2016 travel trend and in particular amongst women. Many women report coming home feeling refreshed and energized after navigating a new destination. Here are our tips for having a fantastic time.

Solo Women Travel Tips2018-11-26T17:06:51-05:00
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