Solo Women Travel Tips


Thinking of traveling solo? You’re not alone. It's a 2016 travel trend and in particular amongst women. Many women report coming home feeling refreshed and energized after navigating a new destination. Here are our tips for having a fantastic time.

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Distinctly Canadian Travel – Best Tours of Canada


This falling loonie could be the very reminder we need that one of the best travel experiences is right outside your door. This edition of our travel deals and destinations series, is dedicated to our home and native land. We’ve rounded up some quintessential Canadian travel experiences for you to try because let’s face it until you’ve gone on a poutine tour, and navigated the northwest passage, can you really claim citizenship?

Distinctly Canadian Travel – Best Tours of Canada2016-01-29T11:59:19-05:00

Make 2016 Your Year to Travel (and Why You Should Go Get Lost)


My family remains open to the world of possibility that travel can provide. It continues to be an important part of what makes our family healthy and happy. I hope to inspire people to make similar, small or large commitments to making travel a more integral part of their family’s wellbeing. Will 2016 be your year to travel?

Make 2016 Your Year to Travel (and Why You Should Go Get Lost)2015-12-23T10:30:31-05:00

Get There: Costa Rica


I went to Costa Rica and found leaves bigger than my head, food worth the pounds they pack on, ziplines that take you past "sleeping" volcanos and a destination that is well worth your family travel dollars.

Get There: Costa Rica2015-11-10T10:46:02-05:00
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